Pre-Anesthetic Considerations

Complete blood work (CBC, serum chemistry, electrolytes) and urinalysis is recommended on all patients prior to surgery. A minimum preanesthetic panel includes PCV, TS, BUN, Creatinine, and USG. If the patient is otherwise healthy, all bloodwork should be performed prior to the day of surgery, as abnormalities on bloodwork may result in postponement of surgery.

For elective procedures on young healthy patients, blood-work may be performed up to 14 days in advance. For geriatric and/or ill patients, it should be performed no more than 24-48 hours in advance. A coagulation profile may be indicated in some cases and should be performed within 24-48 hours of surgery.

If possible, any required radiographs should be obtained prior to the day of surgery.

The best time to perform preoperative blood work and radiographs is often at the time that the surgery is scheduled. If the patient is undergoing surgery for a neoplastic condition, thoracic and/or abdominal radiographs are recommended. Abdominal ultrasound may also be recommended in some cases.

Thorough inspection of the skin is recommended prior to surgery for evaluation of any evidence of infection/lesions that may increase the risk of surgical infection, and therefore result in cancellation or postponement of surgery.