Day of Surgery

AVS will call when we are on our way to your clinic.

Expectations prior to our arrival:

  • Start the AVS checklist
  • Check anesthesia machines for proper function and ensure O2 is on

  • Place IV catheter

  • Initiate IV fluid administration
  • Administer preoperative sedation and clip the surgical area
  • Calculate perioperative IV antibiotic – administer at time of induction
  • Calculate peri-operative pain medications - both opiates and NSAIDS recommended for most cases

Post-operative expectations:

  • Obtain post-operative radiographs
Administer post-operative pain medications and/or antibiotics

  • Apply cold compress to incision site for 10-15 minutes
  • Provide E-collar or “donut” collar
  • Monitor anesthetic recovery

  • Contact owner
  • Confirm voluntary urination within 24 hours of surgery (if patient received epidural)

Acadiana Veterinary Surgery will be happy to recommend medications/dosages on a case-by-base basis.

We will provide all instrumentation, drapes, gowns/gloves.

We will provide epidural analgesia in appropriate cases, and also may perform regional analgesia.